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Podcast: The Introvert Online

Podcast: The Introvert Online

The Introvert Online podcast is for introverts who promote their business online or have an online business.

It’s our time to celebrate our introversion; to recognise the advantages of being us and leave behind the feeling of ‘not-enoughness’ that comes from living in a world that was built by extroverts, for extroverts.

Most experts teaching online marketing are extroverted, hiring extroverts to extrovert for them, or they are operating from the extroverted side of their personality more than you wish to, especially if you want to avoid stress and burnout.

However, when introverts attempt to follow their teachings, marketing online becomes exhausting, and often, ends up falling by the wayside.

But Veronica is on a mission to change the world of online marketing for introverts.

Her vision is for this podcast to be a celebration of the BIG advantages to being an introverted business owner online today.

She will share how marketing online will become ease-y, fun, and a LOT more successful for you when you use your introverted advantages strategically and effectively …

… complementing the extroverted noise in your newsfeed so you don’t feel you have to shout louder to be heard above it.

In The Introvert Online podcast, Veronica shares her insights, teaching, and observations about being an introvert business owner online, and talks to other introverts in business about their experiences of being an introvert online.


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