2024 Standout Social Media Content and Copy Kit

Inside the 2024 Standout Social Media Content and Copy Kit, you will find:

✅ 2024 calendar of DAILY viral content prompts, so showing up consistently on your socials will be a breeze with these (researched) ideas you can trust to deliver the results you want, all ready to go.

✅ 150 captivating hooks to stop the scroll, so you grab their attention from the very first line - a game changer for getting noticed in the noisy newsfeed.

✅ 36 proven to convert calls to action, grouped for more engagement, shares, saves and clicks, so you will watch your engagement, impact and enquiries soar!

✅ Sizzling Storyselling framework and mini course to turn the prompts into engaging and impactful stories, so your viral prompts turn into engaging and impactful stories that sell on social.

✅ BONUS: Decode your Human Design chart to unearth the magnetic message you were born to share.

✅ BONUS: Launch your LinkedIn newsletter so you can land your message in your ideal clients’ inboxes, even when you don’t have a list yet.

✅ BONUS: 30 minutes a week content batching system (Generators and MGs, if you have felt your energy constrict when you’ve tried batching before, you will love this!)

✅ BONUS: “Days of the Year” guide to the celebration days, with suggestions for quirky unusual angles that will make more of these topical talking points relevant to you - potential press pitches too.🏷️ Available to pre-order now for delivery by end of November…… $29 for a limited time!

Get yours now: https://veronicapullen.co.uk/standout 

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