Mile-Deep Facebook Marketing School for Introverts Program


When you’re busy or tired, and your instinct on opening Facebook is to skim your newsfeed and comment on your friends’ posts, you’re an introvert marketer.

You are who I created the Mile-Deep Facebook Marketing School for.

That doesn’t necessarily mean you’d score introvert in a Myers Briggs test, OR that you’re an introvert in real life.

But this DOES impact on the Facebook marketing strategy that will feel the most EASE-y AND bring the best results for you.

Extroverts are initiators.

When extroverts are tired or busy, they’ll open Facebook, skim their notifications, drop a new update of their own, and leave.

Whereas, introverts are responders.

A tired introvert doesn’t have the energy to come up with new post content, but INSTINCTIVELY participates in conversations that are already happening.

I’m an introvert.

Many Facebook marketing experts are extroverts and the methods they teach are extroverted by default.

Which is all very well and good, but it can leave us introverts thinking there’s something wrong with us when we try to do what they're teach us, manage to keep it up for a week or so, but then it feels like a hard S-L-O-G and we give up.

Or when scrolling your newsfeed and commenting makes you feel guilty that you have just ‘wasted’ an hour.

That’s why Mile-Deep Facebook Marketing is PERFECT for introverted coaches and experts like you and me.

We do NOT want to have to vomit content all over our audiences five times a day in the name of marketing.

And far from being introvert making us ‘less than’, we have the ADVANTAGE!

While extroverts fight the Facebook algorithms to get eyeballs on their stream of content, there is NO ALGORITHM in play ‘mile-deep’!

Imagine that... even if you don’t post for a week (I sometimes don’t!), you can still be visible to THOUSANDS of your ideal clients on Facebook AND generate paying clients!

(And nope, I’m not talking about ads either. You likely have plenty of juice in your organic marketing that you've not tapped into yet! You can bring ads into play later.)

If now is the time for you to FILL your online programs and services with paying clients through Facebook, then you’ll want to check out my online program: Mile-Deep Facebook Marketing School for Introverts.

When you join my Mile-Deep Facebook Marketing School for Introverts program, you’ll get INSTANT access to my step-by-step Mile-Deep Facebook Marketing teaching, covering:

Developing your “Niche Nectar”

Deeply understanding your unique expertise or 'unique selling point', so your marketing clearly communicates the value of what you offer and calls in your dream clients.

Building your highly engaged audience

Putting the foundations in place to transform your results from Mile-Deep Facebook Marketing, and the HUGE advantage of being introvert online.

Drastically reduce the time you ‘need’ to spend on Facebook while significantly increasing your visibility, becoming the number one choice for your ideal clients, who will stop scrolling when they see you.

Networking in Facebook groups to build expert authority and create Mile-Deep connection to generate valuable conversations and a regular flow of enquiries - without having to post in other people’s groups.

Generate authority, trust, and a regular flow of enquiries

Crafting posts that deliver the full spectrum of what your audience needs to see from you, so they will feel they know, like, and trust you enough to buy from you.

The unlikely inspiration for posts that blow the socks off your audience - so your ideal clients stop scrolling when they see your name!

fully supported by me, my team, and your peers in our private Facebook group.

Click the button below to get more info and join the Mile-Deep Facebook Marketing School for Introverts program now…

… and immediately start enjoying the massive rewards from using your introvert 'responder' strengths to generate enquiries, referrals and sales from your ideal clients through organic Facebook marketing.


2 Lessons

MASTERCLASS 1: Fruitful First Impressions & Mile-Deep Marketing Foundations

4 Lessons

MASTERCLASS 2: Mile-Deep Networking

4 Lessons

MASTERCLASS 3: Initiating as an Introvert

4 Lessons

MASTERCLASS 4: Generating Leads and Sales

5 Lessons

BONUS: Domino Statement Workshop

1 Lessons

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